Devonian Gardens in Calgary, Alberta

Explore Nature’s Bounty for Free: The Magic of Calgary’s Devonian Gardens!

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Located in the heart of Calgary on 8th avenue S.W. between 2nd and 3rd Streets, the Devonian Gardens is a lush urban oasis maintained by the City of Calgary Parks. Originally designed by J.H. Cook Architects and Engineers, this park was generously donated to the City by the Devonian Group of Charitable Foundations and Calford Properties. When it first opened its doors to the public in 1977, it boasted over 20,000 plants, serene koi ponds, picturesque bridges, and cascading waterfalls, garnering international attention.

In 2012, recognizing the need to rejuvenate the aging garden materials, the city council allocated a whopping $37 million for extensive improvements and upgrades. This four-year renovation project introduced a myriad of enhancements, including the installation of a living wall that serves as a natural biofilter. The gardens now house many new plants and trees, some of which are from tropical regions. Additionally, visitors can enjoy new water features, a dedicated space for corporate events, and a fun playground.

Additional Features:

  • Garden Terrace: The Garden Terrace adjoins the main Terrace and offers a smaller common area with divided circulating space for up to 200 people. It’s perfect for gatherings that don’t require a stage area visible to everyone. The space can be reserved along with the Terrace for larger events, offering a total of 12,593.5 sq. ft.
  • Public Piano: Nestled in the Terrace area, a grand piano invites visitors to share their musical talents freely, adding an element of artistic vibrancy to the atmosphere.

Fun Facts:

  1. The Devonian Gardens was a gift to the City of Calgary from the Devonian Group of Charitable Foundations and Calford Properties.
  2. The gardens originally housed over 20,000 plants!
  3. The 2012 renovation introduced a living wall, which is a natural biofilter.
  4. Some of the plants in the gardens are from tropical locales, offering a unique experience in the midst of Calgary.
  5. The gardens have been a part of Calgary’s landscape since 1977, making it a longstanding urban retreat for residents and visitors alike.
  6. The Garden Terrace and public piano are recent additions, enhancing the gardens’ appeal as a space for community engagement and artistic expression.

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