The Martin Goodman Trail in Toronto, Canada

Walk or bike along the Martin Goodman Trail in Toronto

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The Martin Goodman Trail is a popular multi-use recreational trail located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It stretches along the city’s waterfront, providing pedestrians and cyclists with a scenic route to explore the shoreline of Lake Ontario. Here’s some more information about the trail:

  1. Length and Route: The Martin Goodman Trail is approximately 56 kilometres (35 miles) long and follows the waterfront from Humber Bay in the west to the Rouge River in the east. It passes through several neighbourhoods and parks, including Exhibition Place, Ontario Place, Harbourfront, the Distillery District, and the Beaches.
  2. Scenic Views: The trail offers breathtaking views of Lake Ontario, Toronto’s skyline, and various landmarks along the waterfront. You can enjoy the shimmering waters, sailboats, and picturesque parks as you walk or bike along the trail.
  3. Accessibility: The trail is accessible to both pedestrians and cyclists. It is well-maintained and mostly paved, making it suitable for walking, jogging, running, or biking. Some sections of the trail are shared with road traffic, while others are separated and designated solely for trail users.
  4. Amenities: Along the Martin Goodman Trail, you’ll find numerous amenities, including rest areas, benches, drinking fountains, washrooms, and picnic spots. There are also several parks, playgrounds, and beaches adjacent to the trail where you can take a break or enjoy some recreational activities.
  5. Points of Interest: The trail passes by several notable attractions and landmarks in Toronto. These include the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Cherry Beach, Sunnyside Park, and the Toronto Islands. You can plan your journey to incorporate visits to these attractions along the way.
  6. Recreation and Activities: The Martin Goodman Trail is a hub for outdoor activities. You can rent a bike from one of the many rental shops in the city and enjoy a leisurely ride along the trail. It’s also a great spot for inline skating, rollerblading, or even skateboarding. Many people use the trail for exercise, nature walks, or simply to enjoy the scenic beauty of the waterfront.
  7. Safety and Etiquette: While using the Martin Goodman Trail, it’s important to follow safety guidelines and be considerate of other users. Stay on the designated trail sections, obey traffic signs, and be mindful of pedestrians and cyclists around you. It’s recommended to wear appropriate safety gear, such as helmets for cyclists and reflective clothing during low-light conditions.

The Martin Goodman Trail offers a wonderful opportunity to explore Toronto’s waterfront and enjoy outdoor activities. Whether you prefer a peaceful stroll or an energetic bike ride, this trail provides a picturesque and accessible path to experience the beauty of Lake Ontario and the city’s skyline.

Here is a map of the trial (source: Toronto City website)

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