the musical ride of the royal canadian mounted police in Ottawa in Canada

The Musical Ride, free RCMP  Sunset Ceremonies in Ottawa

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The Musical Ride is a highly regarded performance by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), known for its precision horsemanship and traditional military drills. It is a popular event that showcases the equestrian skills and heritage of the RCMP.

The Musical Ride takes place in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, and is performed by a troop of 32 RCMP riders and their horses. The event typically takes place during the summer months and is held at the RCMP Musical Ride Centre, located at 1 Sandridge Road.

During the performance, the riders and horses execute intricate maneuvers and formations to choreographed music. The routines are a combination of cavalry drill movements and modern equestrian techniques. The riders wear the iconic red serge uniforms of the RCMP, which adds to the visual spectacle of the performance.

The Musical Ride is accompanied by narration that provides insights into the history and traditions of the RCMP. The event is not only entertaining but also serves as a display of the RCMP’s professionalism and dedication to their duties.

In addition to the regular performances, the RCMP holds free Sunset Ceremonies as a way to share the Musical Ride with the public. These Sunset Ceremonies are usually held in late June and early July on Wednesday evenings. They provide an opportunity for locals and visitors to Ottawa to witness the spectacle of the Musical Ride without any admission fees.

The Sunset Ceremonies typically include performances by the RCMP Pipes and Drums, as well as demonstrations by other RCMP units such as the Canine Unit and Tactical Troop. The event culminates with the breathtaking performance of the Musical Ride at dusk, where the riders showcase their precision and horsemanship skills under the evening sky.

Attending the free RCMP Sunset Ceremonies in Ottawa is a wonderful way to experience the rich heritage and traditions of the RCMP. It offers a unique and memorable evening of entertainment for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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