Cycloparc PPJ Trail in Gatineau

Pedal Through Paradise: Enjoy Gatineau’s Free Cycloparc PPJ Trail

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The Cycloparc PPJ in Gatineau offers a unique and free outdoor activity, ideal for both cycling and hiking enthusiasts. Here’s a summary along with some fun facts:

Summary of Cycloparc PPJ

  • Location & Length: Spanning over 90 kilometers in Pontiac, Quebec, the Cycloparc PPJ is situated between the Ottawa River and the hills of the Laurentian Shield.
  • Trail: The trail is built on the former Pontiac Pacific Junction railroad tracks. It stretches for 92 kilometers, offering a relatively flat and family-friendly route.
  • Exclusive Use: This off-road trail is exclusively for cyclists and hikers.
  • Route: It extends from Bristol in the East to l’Isle-aux-Allumettes in the West.
  • Scenery: The trail offers a mix of agricultural and forest landscapes, wetlands, and stunning views of the Ottawa River. It also passes through small, authentic communities.
  • Bike Recommendation: Due to the trail surface being a mix of stone dust and gravel, hybrid bicycles or mountain bikes are recommended.

Themed Routes

  • Alternative Routes: The Cycloparc PPJ website provides information on eight thematic routes accessible from the main trail. These routes lead to recreational destinations like beaches and tourist attractions, including the magnificent Chutes Coulonge.
  • Natural Beauty: These routes traverse important natural habitats known for their diverse wildlife and flora, offering chances to see some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Outaouais region.

Fun Facts

  1. Historical Tracks: The trail is built on the old Pontiac Pacific Junction railroad tracks, adding a historical dimension to your journey.
  2. Diverse Ecosystems: The trail passes through various ecosystems, making it a great spot for nature enthusiasts and photographers.
  3. Community Connection: The trail intersects with small, welcoming communities, offering a glimpse into local life in the region.
  4. Wildlife Encounters: The area is known for its exceptional wildlife, so you might spot various animals and birds during your adventure.

This activity is a perfect blend of physical exercise, natural beauty, and cultural exploration, suitable for all ages and offering a unique way to experience the scenic beauty of Gatineau.

For more information: Cycloparc PPJ • Information about the PPJ 1 trail

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