The 25th Montreal Museums Day will take place on Sunday, May 29Th 2011.

Without a passport, nor a visa, and without spending a dime, some 130,000 visitors enthusiastically accepted the invitation to visit some of the 30 participating museums on Sunday, May 30th. 2010.

Unique to Montreal, this open-house, “Museums without Boundaries” event, with free shuttle bus service, was adopted by participants thrilled by the formula. They flocked to the smaller museums and to the museums on the outskirts of the city who had a considerable increase in the number of visitors. Open to new experiences, visitors participated in special activities and spent more time in the museums. They were initiated to contemporary art and to the science universe, attended presentations and demonstrations, participated in outdoor games and tastings of all sorts. It was a day for extending our horizons and for making acquaintance, certainly a day to be repeated in the future. Since museums offer year-round programming and activities, the possibility is there.

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