The Rideau Trail is a 300km long hiking trail connecting Ottawa and Kingston. The trail itself crosses terrain ranging from placid farmland to the rugged Canadian shield. Organized hikes take place several times per week in Ottawa, Kingston, and everywhere in between.

You can download free maps of the trial on the Rideau Trail Association.

The Rideau Trail Association is a non-profit organization and a founding member of Hike Ontario. Its purpose is to preserve and maintain a hiking trail from Kingston to Ottawa. Its registered trademark is a red-orange isosceles triangle; these triangles are used to mark the main trail (to distinguish the two directions, Kingston-bound trail markers carry yellow tips). In addition to the main trail, there are a number of side trails which are marked by blue triangles. The total length of cleared and marked trails is 387 km.

Site of the association:

Submitted by special guest Mark Coates