Scotsman’s Hill in Calgary

Free Vistas and Vintage Vibes: Exploring Scotsman’s Hill in Calgary

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Scotsman’s Hill offers a panoramic view of Calgary’s skyline and is a popular vantage point, especially during the Calgary Stampede. Located in the Ramsay community, this hill has been a recreational site for over a century. Its natural slope and indigenous vegetation make it a serene spot in the inner city. Historically, it was a playground for local children and later became a community for railway employee families who built homes to enjoy the skyline views.

Fun Facts:

  1. The hill’s nickname, “Scotsman’s Grandstand,” originated from thrifty spectators who watched the Calgary Stampede from the hill without buying tickets.
  2. In the early 1900s, the hill’s dense brush of wild rose and Saskatoon berry made it a favorite playground for local kids.
  3. The hilltop lots in the 1940s became a tight-knit community for railway employee families, offering a country-like feel in the city.
  4. Historically, the hill’s grasses attracted vast bison herds, which in turn drew the first peoples to the area.

Enjoy the breathtaking views and rich history of Scotsman’s Hill on your next visit to Calgary!

For more information: Historic Calgary: Scotsman’s Hill | My Calgary

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