illustration of the ChocoMotive museum in Gatineau region Canada

Free to Explore: Dive into the Sweet World of ChocoMotive!

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ChocoMotive is an artisanal chocolate factory that produces chocolates for the public, fine shops, pastries, and restaurants. They are unique in that they only use certified fair trade organic chocolate, sugar, and cocoa, and their chocolates do not contain any soy lecithin.

In 2010, ChocoMotive relocated to the old Montebello station, becoming the first Economuseum in the Outaouais. An ECONOMUSEUM® is a craft or agrifood business that uses authentic techniques and opens its workshop to the public. ChocoMotive offers a variety of products, including pralines, seasonal moldings, and bars filled with local ingredients.

They also offer corporate gifts, chocolate-making lessons, and products for fundraising. The Outaouais region, where they are located, is known for its welcoming nature.

Fun Fact: ChocoMotive became the first Economuseum in the Outaouais when they moved into the old Montebello station in 2010.

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