613flea market in Ottawa

Free Finds & Fabulous Times: Ottawa’s 613flea Market Marvel

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Discover the charm and excitement of 613flea, a not-for-profit marketplace that stands out as a must-visit free activity in Ottawa. Located at Aberdeen Pavilion, this vibrant market brings together artisans, designers, entrepreneurs, and collectors, offering a unique shopping experience that celebrates local creativity and craftsmanship.


613flea provides a platform for local vendors to showcase a diverse array of goods, ranging from handmade items and antiques to collectibles and gourmet foods. This market is not just about shopping; it’s an event where the community comes together to explore, discover, and connect. With its free entry, 613flea is accessible to everyone, inviting visitors to enjoy a day filled with exploration and discovery without any cost.

Fun Facts

  1. Community Driven: Emphasizing support for local businesses, 613flea helps foster a sense of community and economic growth within Ottawa.
  2. Eclectic Mix: The market is renowned for its eclectic mix of products, ensuring that no two visits are ever the same.
  3. Seasonal Celebrations: Special events and themed markets add a festive touch to the shopping experience, drawing crowds for more than just the unique finds.
  4. Sustainability in Focus: By promoting the reuse and repurposing of goods, 613flea contributes to sustainable living practices, encouraging shoppers to make environmentally conscious choices.
  5. A Hub of Creativity: The market serves as a hub for creativity, offering inspiration through the diverse crafts, goods, and stories of its vendors.

In conclusion, 613flea is not just a market; it’s an experience. Offering free entry to all, it stands as a testament to Ottawa’s vibrant community spirit and creative prowess. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the city, 613flea invites you to immerse yourself in a world of unique finds, sustainable shopping, and community connection. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this free activity in Ottawa, where every visit promises new discoveries and delights.

For more information: 613flea

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