Rocky Mountain Show Jumping (RMSJ) in Calgary

Enjoy Calgary’s Equestrian Elegance for Free: Unveiling the Charms of RMSJ

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Rocky Mountain Show Jumping (RMSJ) in Calgary offers a unique and free activity for visitors of all ages. Here’s a summary of what you can expect, along with some fun facts:

Summary of RMSJ Experience:

  1. Location: RMSJ is located at Anderson Ranch, just south of Calgary, near the famous Spruce Meadows. It’s set in a picturesque valley with stunning views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and nearby foothills.
  2. Activities: Visitors can stroll around the grounds and watch riders compete at various levels of show jumping. You might see young riders on ponies in small cross rail classes or witness top athletes in the Grand Prix area.
  3. Facilities: The venue features three all-weather footing show rings, three grass competition rings, and indoor stabling for over 500 horses. Goby’s Grill, a pub overlooking the main rings, offers a full menu of food and drinks.
  4. Events: RMSJ hosts over 20 tournaments each season, catering to equestrian athletes from grassroots to international ranks, with annual prize money of over $1 million. The events range from local tournaments to FEI CSI ranked classes.
  5. Royal West: Since 2014, RMSJ has hosted the Royal West tournament at the Agrium Western Event Centre in Calgary, drawing equestrian talent from across North America.
  6. Additional Services: Beyond tournaments, RMSJ offers boarding, training, horse sales, and equine services.

Fun Facts:

  1. Founding: RMSJ was founded by John Anderson, a member of Canada’s Olympic Show Jumping team.
  2. History: The venue has been in operation since 1979 and has grown into North America’s most progressive equestrian venue.
  3. Visitor Numbers: Each year, RMSJ welcomes over 25,000 visitors.
  4. Continuous Improvement: RMSJ is dedicated to continually upgrading its facilities, including the competition rings and on-site pub.
  5. Community Focus: The venue emphasizes creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where friendships are made and strengthened.

RMSJ is more than just a show jumping venue; it’s a community hub for equestrian enthusiasts and a great place for families and individuals to experience the thrill of the sport in a beautiful setting.

For more information: Rocky Mountain Show Jumping – Great Sport Great Friends (

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