Rapides‑Farmer hydropower generating station in Gatineau

Electrifying Adventure Awaits: Dive into Gatineau’s Free Hydro-Engineering Jewel

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The Rapides-Farmer generating station in the Outaouais region, near downtown Gatineau, offers a fascinating and free activity for visitors. As a century-old gem of the region’s industrial history, it provides a unique experience for individuals, couples, or families. Here’s a summary of what you can expect:

Inside a Generating Unit: Visitors have the rare opportunity to go inside one of the generating units. One of the highlights is looking up to admire a massive 160-tonne rotor in action.
Impressive Structures: The station features unique structures, including a weir that discharges water into the former bed of the Rivière Gatineau. This aspect of the tour is likely to impress visitors with its engineering and historical significance.
Rich History: The guides at the station will share its storied past. Before the river was harnessed for hydropower, it was used for log driving, a key aspect of the area’s heritage.
Unlocking Secrets: To fully appreciate and understand the secrets and stories of the Rapides-Farmer generating station, a visit is recommended.

Fun Facts:

  • Age and Vitality: Despite being nearly a century old, the Rapides-Farmer generating station is still a vibrant part of the region’s energy infrastructure.
  • Industrial Gem: It stands as a testament to the industrial history of the Outaouais region.
  • Engineering Marvel: The 160-tonne rotor in action is a remarkable example of engineering prowess in the field of hydropower.

For more information: Rapides-Farmer generating station | Free tours | Hydro-Québec (hydroquebec.com)

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