Grande Bibliotheque de Montreal Image by LothannTo highlight the 50th anniversary of Québec’s Ministère de la Culture du Québec, which was created in 1961, BAnQ and UQAM have planned a series of 10 impressionistic reports on the cultural advances made in Québec over the past 50 years. Each of these ten interviews will feature two major stakeholders. one expert and one artist, who are invited to discuss the works, artists or manifestations that symbolize the last five decades in a particular artistic field.

This time, Louise Déry, Director of UQAM’s gallery, will discuss the transformation of the face of the visual artist in Québec over the last 50 years with young artist Raphaëlle de Groot, winner of the 2011 Graff award. While referring to the many artists who have shaped the history of recent art, they will discuss the evolution of the structures in Québec society that enable the visual artist to acquire training as well as to create, produce and disseminate his/her work.

Presented in cooperation with the Université du Québec à Montréal, Canal Savoir and Télé-Québec

Auditorium of the Grande Bibliothèque
Tuesday, November 8, at 7:30 pm
Free admission
; to attend this event, you need a ticket.

(In French only)