4 amazing free Beaches In Ottawa and Around

1. Île Petrie Island

There are two beaches on Petrie Island sharing common facilities. This is the main beach overlooking the Ottawa River. Ottawa’s newest beach offers a wonderful expanse of sand and spectacular views across the Ottawa River. Key amenities include washrooms (10:30 am - 9 pm); pay parking (7 am to 6 pm); a nature and interpretation center; a canteen and 12 picnic tables. Lifeguards are on duty daily between noon and 7 pm during the summer season.

Île Petrie Island

2. Plage Westboro Beach

Where else in the city can you walk, rollerblade or bike to a beach, go for a swim, and enjoy a refreshing drink on a patio? Westboro Beach is a cozy beach and park located on NCC property at the Kitchissippi Lookout on the Ottawa River. Key amenities include a restaurant and patio with tables; washrooms and change rooms; and free parking. Lifeguards are on duty daily between noon and 7 pm during the summer season. 

Plage Westboro Beach

3. Plage Remic Beach - ORK

In decades gone by, area residents regularly swam from Remic Beach and “the Point”, which had log booms in place to prevent logs from the lumber trade floating ashore. When the NCC built the Parkway in the 1960s, it included overpasses at Carleton Avenue for access, however maintenance of Remic Beach stopped in the 1980s. Wading is still possible, but there is no lifeguard on duty and there are natural hazards in the area - children should be closely monitored and only experienced paddlers should launch here. Caution: Stay alert for hazards such as swift currents and changing water levels.

Plage Remic Beach - ORK

4. Plage Britannia Beach

Located on the Ottawa River at Britannia Bay, the beach is great for swimming, picnics or just watching the sailboats go by on a beautiful summer day. Key amenities include washrooms, change rooms and outdoor showers; free parking; a canteen; picnic tables and barbecue pits; and play structures and fields. Lifeguards are on duty daily between noon and 7 pm during the summer season. 

Discover all the beaches around Ottawa here: https://www.theswimguide.org/find

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